Learning any instrument can be a challenge, and in my experience, it was something I dreaded early on in my musical education. My years spent with Wiwin changed that though, and I found myself building an honest appreciation for music in spite of my initial lack of passion. From the bottom of my heart, I’m glad to have taken the effort to learn piano, not only because of the people I’ve met in music, but  also the lessons of perseverance and dedication it had given me.

-Otto Mao, Student

Amanda is a wonderful and talented instructor.  She is patient and very caring to her students.  Our son, who has a very sensitive soul to begin with, had a very bad experience before when he attended a group lesson (at a different music school) where the instructor constantly used a judgement statement that his self-esteem was severely damaged. When we started the lesson with Amanda, I noticed right away with her personal and positive approach.  My son LOVES piano lessons with Amanda and it’s such a joy to witness him learn the art of music in such a caring environment.

-Kiku Iwamoto, parent

“Kylie is very positive and kind. Her teaching techniques help me constantly improve my piano skills. She always makes me happy to go to class.”

-Ivan Kalganov, Student

‘My daughter has been taking piano lessons since she was 5 years old. Jacky encourages my daughter to think by herself. Jacky is good with kids and my own daughter is always happy to keep coming back for lessons and I am glad to see her enjoying to play the piano !

-Minako Dallas, Parent

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Welcome To JW’s Music Studio LTD

JW’s Music Studio LTD provides music lessons for a variety of instruments and offers music classes  that are suitable to student’s musical interest and age group. We teach music to students from elementary to the more advanced stages.

Our students often participate in the music festivals, conservatory examinations, and in local community performance events. On the other hand, we encourage students to pursue their passion for different musical style, such as Pop, Jazz or Blues. We believe in a positive learning environment which is defined by passion and encouragement.

• Piano and Guitar

• Ages 5 & up including adults

• All levels & abilities

• All levels RCM Piano Exam Preparation

• Beginner to ARCT & Licentiate

• All level of RCM Theory & History classes

• Accelerated Rudimentary Theory Class

• Preparation for Competitions & Festivals

• Regular Recital and Masterclass Opportunities

• Young Beginner Group lesson

• Adult Beginner Piano Class

• Jazz Piano Class