Practice Session

Practice is crucial to the success of music study. However, practice needs to be systematic and effective. 

A dance lesson generally starts with at least two lessons a week, and frequency increase as the students advance. Some of the advance students might even go to the studio five times a week for practice and lessons. Considering the large portion of time they spend on dancing, it is no wonder these students love dancing and achieve great result. Also, their practice are done under the guidance of a coach or teacher to make sure they are correct in their movement. 

Therefore, we have designed a practice session which groups together three to four students together to practice under the supervision of a teacher. With weekly improvement and overcoming challenges, they will build up their confidence and more likely to play piano for a life time. 

We recommend student to join at least one practice session, however, it is most ideal to join two practice session. Each session will be 30mins long.


30mins practice session – $8/session