Meet our Teams

Wiwin Rosiana B.Mus, BCRMTA

Wiwin Rosiana, holds a Bachelor of Music majoring in piano performance. She is also a member of British Columbia Music Teacher Association, and achieved Grade 4 in Yamaha Electone (in Yamaha method, Grade 13 as the commencement level, and grade 1 is the highest level). She has a rich teaching experience both in group and private settings. Her teaching experience has spanned over a decade where she has had experience teaching the acclaimed Yamaha method. The Yamaha method is a system specialized in child music education with a philosophy tending towards group lessons. Because of her expertise in this area she has worked as an adjudicator for this method. She held a key position at Yayasan Musik Indonesia, an exclusive program which gives much support to new teachers. While there, she taught her students while being observed by upcoming Yamaha teachers.

Besides working a busy schedule through the Yamaha method, Wiwin has also taught privately for the best part of eight years. For twenty years, her musical training has focused on Yamaha method, a system based on aural (pitch discrimination) and rhythmic training that leads to a student’s ability to put chords into a melody and to improvise and compose. During Ms. Rosiana’s post-secondary musical education, she studied Jazz piano, theory and musical arranging, that being said, her primary training has centered on classical music. As a music student, she has won several scholarships. She appeared as a soloist with the West Coast symphony and Sinfonia (now Lions Gate Sinfonia), while also cultivating her reputation as a soloist.

*Private Piano Lesson rate: $62/hour.

Jacky Mak B.Mus

Jacky Mak, holds a Bachelor of Music majoring in piano performance. During his post-secondary education, Mr. Mak has won several scholarships. Although Mr. Mak’s training focuses primarily on Western Classical Art music, he also studied Jazz piano. Mr. Mak feels strongly about the role that music history and music theory plays in developing musicianship and performance skills. He continues to actively research these topics. Mr. Mak is fully qualified to teach the Royal Conservatory of Music theory and history curriculum. After studying and playing piano for many years, Mr. Mak recognizes that virtuosity can be ingrained by precise instruction and demonstration. He is particularly fascinated by the scientific approach to piano technique offered by the Taubman method. Because of his vast knowledge on history, theory and piano technique, he actively instructs masterclasses for his students.

Many of his students go on to participate in the Royal Conservatory of Music examinations and some of them would also compete in local music festivals such as the Vancouver Kiwanis music festival. As a piano teacher, he is captivated by new pedagogical methods, specifically, applying technology to piano education. As a result, Mr. Mak began to employ different IOS applications to his studio, such as drum machines and ear training applications. For the last few years, he has been applying this technology to his private as well as group lesson situations.

*Private Piano Lesson rate: $62/hour.

Benny Byers

Benny Byers is a Classically trained guitarist and teacher. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Music Degree with the focus on guitar performance at UBC School of Music. Beside being a performer, Benny enjoys helping other guitar players and students.  He also aspire to write and publish his own comprehensive guitar teaching method book. Benny is a versatile performer and teacher. Though Classically trained, Benny also teaches and plays Jazz, Rock and other popular styles.

Kylie Fonacier, Bachelor of Music

Kylie Fonacier is a Vancouver-based Filipino-Canadian composer, lyricist, singer and pianist who studied as a piano performance major at Douglas College from 2015 to 2017 and is currently finishing her Bachelor of Music degree as a composition major at the Vancouver Academy of Music. She was the appointed piano accompanist for both of the Douglas College choirs, sought out among her peers as an accompanist for both instrumental and voice majors from 2016 to 2017, as well as collaborated with and conducted student ensembles for bi-annual composition recitals.

Her undying passion and love for music began when she was a young child when she started piano lessons at 4 years-old. Inspired by her music instructors, both in high school and in post-secondary, it is her goal as a teacher to ignite her students’ passion for music by encouraging them to find various creative ways to express their musicality beyond just learning the notes on a page, which can help them further develop their musical knowledge and musicianship skills, and as a result, allow them to feel accomplished as young, budding musicians.


Amanda Ding

Amanda Ding is a piano teacher in the Young Music Teacher Program at JW’s Music Studio. During her time in the program, she has learned creative methods to teach musical concepts, and how to build foundational music skills using singing and activities. She has also learned how to adapt and adjust lesson plans to meet the unique needs of her students. Amanda has been able to consistently come up with ideas to create exciting and engaging lessons through the support of the Young Music Teacher Program.

She began piano lessons at the age of five, and is continuously learning how to improve her skills, as well as her teaching methods. Her love for music has continued throughout her life, as she enjoys arranging pieces and is an accompanist for her peers. She has completed level 10 in the Royal Conservatory of Music program for piano.

Justin Yeung, ARCT Piano    Performance

Justin Yeung is a piano teacher in the Young Music Teacher Program at JW’s Music Studio. He holds his A.R.C.T. diploma in piano performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music and his Piano Pedagogy diploma from the B.C. Conservatory of Music. He began his musical journey with piano lessons when he was 6 years old and has developed his musicianship all throughout his life. He also has musical ensemble experience singing in choir and playing saxophone in concert and marching band. Justin values the emotional and connective power of music and, as a teacher, he wishes to impart the joy of being a musician to all of his students.